Timișoara Orthodox nuns sew 2,600 towels for hospitals in one night

The nuns from the Diocesan Centre of the Archdiocese of Timișoara sew 2,600 disposable towels overnight and offered them to the Intensive Care Units (ICU) of local hospitals.

1,400 towels were delivered to the County Hospital and other 1,200 to the “Victor Babeș” Infectious Diseases Hospital.

“We wish to thank the Metropolis of Banatului for their care and all the help offered during the pandemic,” wrote the representatives of “Victor Babeș” Hospital on their Facebook page.

Hospitals in Timișoara are facing an acute crisis of supplies due to the explosion of COVID-19 cases and are extremely grateful for the Church’s help.

The nuns laboured over the towels at the initiative of and under the direct supervision of Metropolitan Ioan of Banat, as part of a long string of donations made by the Diocesan Center in the last eight months.

The Social-Philanthropic Department of the Archdiocese of Timișoara and the Timișoara Philanthropy Foundation have donated or arranged donations of medical and protective equipment throughout the state of emergency, and 16.5 tons of food were delivered to various health care and social welfare facilities.

Photo courtesy of the Metropolis of Banat

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