Thousands take to the streets honouring Sts Demetrius the New, Callinicus of Cernica

Thousands of believers took to the streets of Bucharest on Thursday carrying in procession the reliquaries containing the holy relics of two Protector Saints of Bucharest, Venerable Demetrius the New and Saint Callinicus of Cernica, the first saint glorified by the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The Path of the Saints Procession began at 12.00 p.m., when the icon and holy relics of Saint Demetrios the New were carried in procession from the Patriarchal Cathedral, down the Queen Mary Ave and to the base of the Patriarchate’s Hill.

At the same time, the icon and holy relics of Saint Callinicus of Cernica were carried in procession from St Spyridon Metropolitan Cathedral, on Serban Voda Str., Bibescu Voda Str., and to the Patriarchate’s Hill.

Next, the Saints’ holy relics and icons were enshrined at the baldachin on the Patriarchate’s Hill and will be available for veneration until Monday, October 29.


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