Thousands of Young People at #ITO2016: Jesus Christ – Joy of Life

Friday night, 2 September 2016, thousands of young people from all over the world participated in the conference on the theme Jesus Christ – Joy of Life. The event took place at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, in the presence of His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania, and of many hierarchs of our Church.


The conference was held by deacon Sorin Mihalache from the Faculty of Theology in Iaşi and by Liana Stanciu, APOR president and journalist.

The event began with the Lord’s Prayer said by all the participants in the conference.

Deacon Sorin Mihalache told the young people, in his lecture, that a human being cannot live without any sense.

And, if at any time of your life you felt you needed a sense, then you already know that the sense we are looking for, for the one we wish to live, includes not only the knowledge data but also life. The sense I live for must include me, my family, as well as my great grandparents, and their lives, my love for them and their death. But such a comprehensive sense cannot be found in what the world offers. Many new and old thinkers noticed that: the world cannot fulfil the search of the sense of our life. In fact, it receives its senses from us. The sense we are looking for is fulfilled in a closer and closer relationship with the life of our fellow beings, in communion with God. And this is the life of the Church lived in the parochial community where I find all my dearest ones, both living and dead, fallen asleep into the Lord.

While addressing those present, Liana Stanciu underlined the fact that it was high time we told the people that everything comes from God, both technology and outstanding discoveries. Everything! God is everywhere, you found Him and it is time you showed Him to the others too.

And one more thing to remember… a young man just like us says that although God has no phone, he talks with Him every day. God has no Facebook and yet, they are very good friends, has no Twitter either and yet he follows Him everywhere. Brothers and sisters, I would also like to speak a little about prayer. How many of you are praying as by the book? Does it matter how much, or how? I know that a prayer said from the bottom of one’s heart can make remarkable things happen, and maybe that is why some people prefer to pray, that is to speak with God, not with the people, because it is easier for them. I urge you to talk with the people, to listen to them, to help them understand. Pray for those who utter blasphemies or accuse. Pray both when something is working well and when it does not. Even when we are well, and when we are cold or afraid, or in anyhow, but not well!

During the second part of the event, the two lecturers talked with the young participants, answering the questions of the audience.

In the end of the conference the prayer Axion Estin (It is Truly Meet) was said, and then the Patriarch of Romania blessed all those present.

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