The Week in Pictures: June 10 – 16, 2019

The news in pictures. A selection of photographs from around the Orthodox world, covering a variety of topics from church celebrations to national holidays and spiritual life.

Romanian Kickboxer Cătălin Moroşanu together with Fr Gerasimos, during a pilgrimage on Mount Athos. Photo: Facebook / Cătălin Moroșanu Oficial
Archbishop Casian of Lower Danube visiting children at Galati children’s hospital. Photo: Lower Danube Archdiocese
Young girl plays the semantron during an international competition organized by Pârcovaci Parish. Photo: Doxologia / Bogdan Bulgariu
Four little balls of fur cuddled in the arms of Bishop Ambrozie of Giurgiu. Photo: Fr Eduard Dumitrache
Koliva made by the nuns of Paltin Petru-Vodă Monastery marking the 6th anniversary of the repose of Elder Justin Pârvu. Photo: Facebook / Mănăstirea Paltin Petru-Vodă
Patriarch Daniel blessed on the day of Pentecost lime leaves gathered from the patriarchal residence’s Garden of Our Lady and distributed them to the believers. Photo: / Raluca Ene
Child kissing the festal icon of Pentecost at the Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest. Photo: / Raluca Ene

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