The Patriarch of Romania Appreciates and Encourages  Voluntarism

At the end of the Divine Liturgy celebrated on Sunday, 3 April 2016, in the chapel of the National Cathedral, His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania, underlined the importance of voluntarism in helping one’s fellow human being.

The Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church expressed his gratitude to the servant priests and faithful of the chapel of the National Cathedral emphasising especially the missionary activity of the group of volunteers whom father archimandrite Ciprian Grădinaru coordinates within the two programmes: “Donate blood! Save a life!” and “Good Health for Villages”.

The Patriarch of Romania said that the number of the donors is growing and underlined that these persons who donate blood have the conscience of their own dedication to other people’s good. He has also shown that this programme approved by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church “Donate Blood! Save a Life!” is recommended to be extended at national level.

The programme entitled “Good health for villages” is badly needed for the good health of the population, His Beatitude said, also emphasising that the very important, noble, work of the voluntary physicians who attend the religious services at the chapel of the National Cathedral is acutely needed.

“This programme entitled ʼGood Health for Villagesʼ unfolded as a result of the protocol of cooperation concluded between the Ministry of Health and the Romanian Patriarchate is an extension of the Liturgy, a liturgy of good health, a liturgy for helping one’s fellow human being, an extension of the celebrations at this chapel of the National Cathedral”, the Patriarch of Romania said.

The Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church has also announced that updated medical equipment was donated through some sponsors for Grigore Alexandrescu Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, as well as a minibus with 8 seats and an ambulance type car were offered for the Good Health for Villages programme.

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