Suceava Archdiocese donates 9 tons of food to 500 families for Christmas

Thanks to the efforts of the Social-Philanthropic Department and the Anastasie Crimca Foundation of the Archdiocese of Suceava and Rădăuți, 500 families were blessed with food for Christmas.

Over the last two months of the year, the archdiocese arranged five charity concerts with the participation of 43 vocal groups and artistic ensembles.

The concerts raised $17,170 (75,000 lei), which was used to purchase 8.8 tons of food for 500 families.

On Christmas Eve, gifts of staple foods, meat, and candy were distributed to needy families and single elderly people through the archdiocesan welfare offices.

“The smile of the children that they were visited by Santa Claus, the joy of the parents that they have something to put on the holiday table and that their children are happy for the gifts received, the joy of the grandparents that they received these packages with meat and candy and that they were also visited by someone for the holidays, the joy given by the feeling that they are not alone now, when they are in the last part of the earthly life—all these joys are, I think, some of the strongest prayers before God, for all those involved in this project,” commented Archimandrite Iustin Tănase, head of the Social-Philanthropic Department.

Photography courtesy of the Archdiocese of Suceava and Rădăuți

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