Spokesperson: Gender ideology is toxic to the community body of any society

Vasile Bănescu, the spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate, sent a message regarding gender ideology, which he described as “an (im)pure ideology”.

“That is, an artificial ideational construction, so-called cultural, oriented in line with reality, with logic, biology, anthropology, the order of nature. An ideology meant to justify an absurd, therefore harmful, topic on the agenda of regressive, hyper sexualizing progressivism, disintegrating logic and public morality.”

“Current progressivism, the scoundrel father of gender ideology, is a current of Marxist origin, a form of intellectual terrorism that detests Christianity, the moral order, the authority of any kind, the real hierarchy of values and noisily privileges the marginal and the unnatural to the detriment of the centre and of nature, of strong values, validated by the millennial experience of humankind.”

“The (un)declared purpose? The progressive demolition of the society built on faith, order, respect for the past and its moral landmarks (saints and heroes), tradition, family, discipline, effort, honest emulation and axiological selection,” said Vasile Bănescu.

He also presented the classical meaning of the term ideology.

“Appearing in the parricidal and deicidal modernity around the French Revolution, it indicates a constraint of reality emptied of spiritual meaning, the placing on the Procrustean bed of the interest of a hysterical insurrectionary group and intoxication of the public sphere by infusing in its space some ideas and essentially false themes, lacking contact with the reality of fundamental things, with the history of universal culture and with authentic science”.

From this clear perspective, Vasile Bănescu continued, “gender ideology, like any other ideology secreted by chaotic moral and social socialism, is situated on the opposite pole from the truth. That is, that of lying.”

Thus, “the surreal ideology of the fluid gender is radically and perversely opposed to the highest vision of the human being, that described by Christian anthropology that clearly distinguishes between man and woman, between male and female, between fatherhood and motherhood, fall and ascension, realistic vision based on the Revelation of Truth in History and augmented even by the great philosophy and authentic sciences, which do not make a goal in themselves from the war with discernment, with common sense operating in the deep act of understanding the world and man.”

“That is why gender ideology, treacherously camouflaged in a chapter of the Istanbul Convention, dedicated to the honourable theme of protecting women from violence, is toxic to the community body of any society, whose main interest is not to contradict and combat reality, but to value it wisely for the individual and communal good. Good that always has to do with the truth, not with the lie, be it ideological or not,” concluded the spokesperson of the Romanian Patriarchate.

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