September 22nd, the day you are encouraged to give up your car

Every year on September 22nd, cities across the globe celebrate World Car Free Day which can also be known as ‘clean-air day’. The day encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day to allow people to experience streets free of motor traffic.

Cars or four-wheeler vehicles are seen as the most comfortable mode of transportation but it increases not only pollution by many levels but also leads to severe car accidents.

World Car Free Day promotes cycling, walking, usage of public transport and other forms of commuting where there are either minimalistic or no carbon-emissions. With this initiative, people also ensure that the city is pollution-free and noise-free.

This day further witnesses very less road congestions, cleaner roads, an people replace traffic jams with fun activities on road.

The first World Car-Free Day was marked in 2000 when the Environmental Transport Association designated it as a self-standing day that is observed on September 22. Earlier, it was decided to celebrate World Car-Free Day on the first Tuesday of Green Transport Week which occurs in the second half of June.

Various activities that promote the use of cycles  public transportation and other means of sustainable commut options reflect the scenario of what a city with fewer carsand motor vehicles would look like.

Photography courtesy of / Raluca-Emanuela Ene

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