Scientific communication session marking 160th anniversary of Romanian Principalities’ Union held in Bucharest

The Romanian Academy and the Romanian Patriarchate organized on Thursday, January 24, 2019, a scientific communication session at the Patriarchal Palace in Bucharest marking the 160th anniversary of the Union of the Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia.

The event was chaired by the President of the Romanian Academy Ioan Aurel Pop and attended by the Head of State, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, academicians, hierarchs, clergy, culture personalities, state officials, professors and students.

President Klaus Iohannis pointed to ‘the example of the elites’

The opening speech was held by President Klaus Iohannis who noted that ‘the example of the elites and the message of their actions 160 years ago is still our guide and show us that in times of trouble genuine state persons must rise to the great challenges and act for the benefit of the citizens.’

Patriarch Daniel: ‘A patriotic, cultural and spiritual event’

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel addressed those present stressing that the Union of the Romanian Principalities was the foundation of the modern Romanian state.

The Patriarch noted that the communication session is ‘a patriotic, cultural, and spiritual event, based on the necessity of a thorough knowledge of the historical past of the Romanian people, but also a sign of homage and gratitude for the memory of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Metropolitan Nifon of Wallachia, Metropolitan Sofronie Miclescu of Moldavia, and of all founders of the Romanian Principalities’ Union.’

His Beatitude offered his prayers to the Most Holy Trinity, ‘the icon and source of unity and communion, to help us permanently cultivate national unity, peaceful coexistence and dignified cooperation with other nations for the benefit of Romania.’

The President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan Aurel Pop, stressed that ‘our nation and Church accompanied each other and built Romania.’

In his speech, Pop recalled that Metropolitan Nifon, ‘a predecessor of Patriarch Daniel,’ chaired the elective assembly when Alexandru Ioan Cuza was voted Ruler Prince of Wallachia.

Other speeches were given by Academicians Ioan Aurel Pop, Dan Berindei, Razvan Theodorescu, and Victor Spinei.

The session concluded with the presentation of several volumes published by the Basilica Publishing House of the Romanian Patriarchate.

Finally, Patriarch Daniel thanked all those present for their participation and extended special thanks to the Romanian Academy for organizing the event in partnership with the Romanian Patriarchate.

His Beatitude said that this session was an occasion to cultivate the ties between the two venerable institutions as ‘an integral part of our spiritual growth in communion.’

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