Saint Matrona summons believers on her first feast held in Romania

Sfanta Matrona

For the first time in Romania Saint Matrona of Moscow was liturgically celebrated Wednesday at Tabacu Church in Bucharest where the Russian Orthodox community attends the divine services.

Although she was born blind and lost the use of her legs at the age of 17, for her ascetic life and unceasing prayer, God bestowed upon Blessed Matrona the gifts of foresight and wonderworking.

Matrona Nikonova was glorified by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1999, and for the next 19 years her devotion has spread rapidly all across the entire world.

Saint Matrona was included in the liturgical calendar of the Romanian Orthodox Church during the February 15, 2018, working session of the Holy Synod, at the proposal of the assembly of bishops of the Metropolis of Muntenia and Dobrudja.

Saint Matrona is a quick helper

In his homily delivered Tuesday, the rector of St Nicholas Church, Rev. Eugeniu Rogoti, pointed to the virtues of St Matrona.

He insisted that Matrona was a humble saint and that she is a quick helper of those who faithfully ask for her help.

Referring to the devotion of the Russian people to Saint Matrona, Fr Eugeniu noted that ‘believers stand in line almost all the time to approach and kneel before St Matrona to receive God’s blessing’ at the Intercession Monastery, where the Saint’s relics are kept.

Having spent almost three decades in Russia’s capital, the saint received people daily coming to her for relief from sorrows and tribulations and for the healing of their illnesses.

Rector Eugeniu Rogoti said that Saint Matrona had a good counsel for everyone. ‘She made upon them the sign of the Holy Cross and spoke words of encouragement or prayed for them.’

Fr Eugeniu Rogoti celebrating the Divine Liturgy on the first official feast of Saint Matrona in Romania. Photo:

The services at St Nicholas – Tabacu Church are officiated in both Romanian and Old Church Slavonic and are attended by the Russian community in Bucharest.

During his visit to Moscow last year, Patriarch Daniel presided over the Divine Liturgy at the Intercession Monastery on December 3, 2017, being the first Patriarch of Romania to ever serve at this monastic settlement.

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