Eldress Theophania, abbess of the Intercession Monastery: Saint Matrona brings all to the faith in Christ

Before presenting His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel with the icon of Saint Matrona of Moscow, Stavrophore Eldress Theophania, the abbess of the Intercession Monastery, gave a speech in which she expressed her joy for the Divine Liturgy celebrated for the first time in history by a Romanian Patriarch at this monastery, stressing the quick help that Saint Matrona gives to all those who visit her.

Your Beatitude Patriarch Daniel,
Your Eminences,
Your Grace,
Your Reverences,
Beloved guests, brothers, and sisters,

With joy, we greet you warmheartedly within the walls of the Intercession Monastery, by the relics of our Blessed Mother Matrona of Moscow. It is a great honour for us to welcome Your Beatitude and the distinguished delegation of the Romanian Orthodox Church at the Stavropegic Monastery of the Intercession of the Mother of God. These days, the entire Russian Orthodox Church festively celebrates the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the patriarchate in Russia. We wholeheartedly give thanks to His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, for offering You his blessing to celebrate the Divine Liturgy today at the settlement of the Protection of the Mother of God, thus offering a great joy to our pilgrims.

The Blessed Mother Saint Matrona of Moscow is our advocate and protectress. She helps all those who faithfully address her: pace and prosperity prevail in families, job and school-related problems are solved, health problems are recovered. But especially, Blessed Matrona brings all to the faith in Christ. We are often told about Matronushka’s appearances in dreams telling people ‘I will help you, only come to me!’ But that person may not have even heard of her. They begin to seek about her and discover that there is such an Orthodox Saint. They come to our settlement, pray, and receive what they ask for.

Many such cases are recorded by us, all the more that we are very often informed of such cases by pilgrims coming from abroad.

As a blessing for the Romanian Church on behalf of Saint Matrona, as a token to remind you of today’s celebration of the Divine Liturgy at the Intercession Monastery, allow me to present Your Beatitude with this icon painted by the convent’s nuns and blessed at the relics of Saint Matronushka.

Offer me your blessing so that I may prayerfully wish Your Beatitude and all your companions rich bounties from God, inexhaustible mercies, good health, and steadfastness in the joy and grace of the Holy Spirit the Comforter, through the intercessions of the Most Holy Theotokos and of Blessed Matronushka!

Many and good years to You!

Photography courtesy of Robert Nicolae/Basilica.ro

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