Saint Demetrios 2019: Tens of deacons will assist pilgrims coming to Bucharest

Tens of deacons from Bucharest will guide pilgrims arriving from other cities for the celebrations of Saint Demetrios the New.

The deacons will welcome believers at the Bucharest North railway station and will provide information regarding the means of transport, accommodation and food facilities. They will also accompany the pilgrims on the Patriarchate’s Hill.

The administrative advisor of the Bucharest Archdiocese, Fr. Dumitru Stefanescu, explained that the pilgrims who do not have where to stay will be offered free temporary accommodation.

“Many of these deacons will be present at the North Railway Station to guide pilgrims to the Patriarchal Cathedral, and from there to lead them to temporary accommodation spaces that are arranged this year through the kindness of the Ion Creangă National College in Bucharest, where they will be able to stay for a few hours, “Father Dumitru Stefanescu told Radio Trinitas.

Deacons will guide the pilgrims to the churches near the Patriarchal Cathedral which will remain open until after midnight. They will receive water and hot tea.

“Monasteries and parishes in the central area of the capital will remain open on October 25-28, except for the interval 02:00 -06:00 when these churches will be closed for cleaning.”

The list of churches include St Anthimos and Radu-Voda Monasteries, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint-Spiridon the New, Saint Menas – Vergu Church, Saint John at the Square Church, Saint Anthony at the Princely Court Church, Saint Spyridon the Old Church, Saint George the New Church, Saint Nicholas – Ghica Church, Saint Nicholas Vlădica Church and Saint Elijah Rahova Church.

This year, at the second patronal feast of the Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest, believers have the opportunity to venerate the relics of Saint Demetrios the New, Protector of Bucharest, Saint Dionysius Erhan, the Bishop of Cetatea Alba and Ismail, as well as the relics of Saint Philothea of Arges.

Photography courtesy of Lumina Newspaper Archive

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