Saint Andrew Șaguna added as second patron saint of Romanian Orthodox Cathedral in Melbourne

Saint Andrew Șaguna, Metropolitan of Transylvania, was added as a second patron saint of the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral in Melbourne, which was originally dedicated to Sts Peter and Paul.

Saint Andrew Șaguna lived in the 19th century in Transylvania and was glorified by the Romanian Orthodox Church in 2011. He is considered one of the founders of Romanian education and culture in Transylvania.

‘This great benefactor and teacher of the Church’ became the second patron saint of the Orthodox Cathedral because the Melbourne Orthodox community includes many believers from Transylvania.

‘Saint Andrew Șaguna blessed the land of Transylvania with a holy work. And since we have many believers from Transylvania, we succeeded to bring the Saint’s icon and offer it to the Melbourne community so that he become an intercessor together with Saints Peter and Paul,’ His Grace Bishop Mihail of Australia and New Zealand said, Trinitas TV reports.

Bishop Mihail officiated Sunday, July 1, the re-consecration service as a result of the completion of the 8-year restoration works.

‘The church being built in 1885 had many things to be changed. It was a difficult task since it is a historical monument, but with the help of God, with the financial support of the Melbourne Orthodox community, we succeeded and we renewed the roof, all the external damages were repaired, and in the last two years the painting was restored too,’ Bp Mihail explained.

The Church was built from 1865-1867 and was the property of the Roman-Catholic Church.

Since 1972, the church building hosted the Romanian Orthodox Parish of Sts Peter and Paul.

On May 11, 1980, the church was consecrated by Bishop Antonie Plămădeală of Buzău.

In 1982, the Romanian parish purchased the church building.

Photos by Romanian Diocese of Australia and New Zealand

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