Romania’s Parliament Hall renamed in honour of King Michael I

The Vice President of the Senate of Romania, Alina Gorghiu, announced on Monday that the plenary hall of the Senate will be named after King Michael I of Romania.

“It is definitely a beautiful moment for every senator, for every parliamentarian when they have the opportunity to speak in the plenary of the Senate, on the occasion of May 10, the Day of Royalty and of the State Independence of Romania,” said Alina Gorghiu.

“This year marks a special moment in the history of our country because October will mark the 100th birth anniversary of King Michael I of Romania,” the senator added.

In this context, the PNL Group proposed that starting with May 10, 2021, “the plenary hall of the Senate, a chamber with a long history and which has always been a reliable pillar of democracy and parliamentarism, be named “King Michael I of Romania,” the Vice President of the Senate said.

“King Michael is a symbol of our people’s struggle for a return to democracy, for a Constitution that guarantees the rights and freedoms of all, equality before the law, for a normal life among the free and united peoples of Europe and, obviously, an excellent model, through the speech full of decency and diplomacy, for those who have to plead the cause of Romania anytime and anywhere,” Alina Gorghiu said.

Photo: AFP / Daniel Mihăilescu

The speech given by King Michael in the Romanian Parliament on 25 October 2011, on the occasion of his 90th birthday, represents one of the most important moments in the history of the Romanian Parliament.

“The royal crown is not a symbol of the past, but a unique representation of our independence, sovereignty and unity.”

„I do not see today’s Romania as a legacy from our parents, but as a country that we borrowed from our children. So help us God!”, King Michael said ending his speech.

Photography courtesy of the Romanian Parliament

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