Romania’s central bank issues coin marking Kretzulescu Church’s 300th anniversary

The Romanian National Bank (BNR) has issued a gold coin to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the building of Kretzulescu Church in Bucharest.

The obverse of the coin features Bucharest’s Kretzulescu Church, the year of issue “2022,” the coat of arms of Romania, the denomination “100 LEI,” and the word “ROMANIA.”

On the coin’s reverse is a Kretzulescu Church architectural feature with the words “BISERICA KRETZULESCU” and “300 ANI.”

The gold coins, encased in transparent plastic capsules, will be accompanied by brochures, including a description of the numismatic issue and authenticity certifications in Romanian, English, and French.

Each certificate of authenticity carries the signatures of the National Bank of Romania’s Governor and Chief Cashier.

The maximum mintage of gold coins is one thousand.

VAT is not included in the price of 2,900.00 RON for the gold coin, which includes the booklet and the certificate of authenticity.

The gold coins commemorating the 300th anniversary of the building of Kretzulescu Church in Bucharest are legal currency in Romania.

The coins will circulate via the regional branches of the National Bank of Romania in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Constanța, Craiova, Iași, and Timișoara for numismatic reasons.

In the website’s Numismatics section, the National Bank of Romania provides details on how to acquire the coins.

Photography courtesy of BNR

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