Romanian student fulfills vow to God with donation to Church care center

Elena Bianca Voica from Prahova county donated on Tuesday the equivalent of 600 Euros for the patients of “St. Nektarios” Palliative Care Center of the Archdiocese of Bucharest. She fulfilled a promise she had made to God when she asked Him to help her get admitted to the university. She promised Him to donate to cancer patients.

God fulfilled her prayer. The 19-year old was admitted to the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest, so she decided to offer her donation to the St. Nektarios Center, after taking advice from her spiritual advisor, Father Alexandru Zamfir, the local parish priest.

They went together to offer the donation. Adriana Căruntu, the director of the centre, greeted them: “Thank you, Elena, for your gift. I believe you are a model for your peers: you teach them to strongly believe in God, to study and to be grateful”.

Elena explained that she learned the value of prayer and promises to God when her mother made a promise to God, and God brought her father successfully through a high-risk operation. Now both parents are healthy and enjoy her success.

“The visit to the centre brought me a lot of peace of mind, and the dedication of the staff impressed me,” Elena told the Basilica News Agency.

The University of Bucharest has offered her the opportunity to study from distance with the French-Romanian College of Sorbonne and she has eagerly taken advantage of this. “I want to become a good lawyer and this will help me advance sooner”, said the young lady.

The new student said she frequents the local church for peace of mind. Also, she said, Father Alexandru Zamfir has always supported her. “He is so close to the people and children around him”, Elena said.

Her message for her peers was:

“Make a careful plan for your future and follow it. Do not let yourselves be influenced by the temptations around you. And passionately do whatever you choose to do, in order to become the best in your field of work.”

Photo credit: “St Nektarios” Palliative Care Centre of the Archdiocese of Bucharest

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