Romanian Patriarchate’s Trinitas TV receives silver play button from YouTube

The Romanian Patriarchate’s Trinitas TV station received the Silver Play Button from YouTube for exceeding the threshold of 100,000 subscribers.

Trinitas TV’s YouTube account has now over 127,000 subscribers and over 31,000 videos. Since its creation in December 2015, the YouTube channel has recorded 47.8 million views with a duration of 6.4 million hours.

“It encourages us to approach with priority the development of this channel and the diversification of the contents we produce to be uploaded on the platform,” Trinitas TV Deputy Director Deacon Gheorghe Cristian Popa told the Basilica News Agency.

“Of course, 100,000 subscribers is not much compared to other YouTube channels, but for us, there are 100,000 souls who edify spiritually by watching our productions.”

“Beyond numbers, we are talking about a community that is valuable in itself through the landmarks on which it bases its life and towards which we have a missionary responsibility.”

“We realize the quality of our audience by observing the statistics provided by the platform; we see, thus, that in the top of the preferences of those who visit our channel are the live services, the interviews with important spiritual fathers, documentary films about monasteries, reports about people who do good deeds in education or philanthropy, religious or symphonic concerts, akathists and supplicatory canons recorded in Orthodox churches.”

“We also notice that we are being followed from countries where the Romanian diaspora is very well represented: Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and the United States of America. The year 2020, marked by the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, showed us how important our mission is on this digital platform. Especially that this year we have seen an increase of about 45% in the number of views and about 82% of the viewing time.”

“Therefore, the development of Trinitas TV’s YouTube channel will be a priority in our editorial policy, along with the growth of the Facebook page, where approximately 650,000 people watch us,” Deacon Gheorghe-Cristian Popa said.

Trinitas TV gets YouTube Silver Play Button for passing 100,000 subscribers 

YouTube gives awards as “Creators pour their heart and soul into their videos, and we’re honoured to celebrate them when they reach Creator Award subscriber milestones.”

YouTube also offers video content creators the gold button to 1 million subscribers and the diamond button to 10 million subscribers.

Trinitas TV was founded in October 2007, at the initiative of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Through this cultural-religious television, the Romanian Patriarchate informs the public about church events, pastoral-missionary, social, educational, and cultural work of the Church, bringing the public’s attention to history, culture, and treasure of Romanian Christian faith and spirituality in the European context.

The Basilica News Agency congratulates its colleagues at Trinitas TV for the mission carried out in the online space and shares the joy of receiving the mentioned distinction.

Photography courtesy of / Raluca Ene

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