Romanian Patriarchate’s Spokesperson Vasile Bănescu tells Romanian Christians not to be afraid

During a RVE Timisoara radio program the spokesperson of the Romanian Patriarchate, Vasile Banescu, has sent a message of encouragement and solidarity to all Christians in Romania saying, ‘Do not be afraid, because the Truth that is Christ Himself is always with us!’

‘I want to send a message to all our Christian brothers and sisters in Romania. They must look at everything that is happening around us today! They must have eyes to see and ears to hear. We must take an elegant attitude, but a firm attitude, to this ideological pressure meant to sideline this people’s natural Christian values and to replace them with false values, with an ideology.’

‘Their attempts, beyond intimidation, aim at inducing fear in the face of some possible repercussions if you do not subject yourself to the ideology. Do not be afraid, because we know this from our Saviour. He is with us. Do not be afraid, as He says, because the Truth who is Christ Himself is always with us.’

During the radio show, Vasile Banescu spoke about the complaints filed against him at the National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) regarding some statements about the pregnancy among young women in Romania.

Referring to the allegations, the spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate noted that ‘the accusations were made by some NGOs animated by a type of ideology known to us Christians today, a neo-Marxist ideology,’ which is opposing Christianity.

Vasile Banescu said that ‘the main reason why certain young women in our country become pregnant at very young age is not the absence of sexual education in school.’

He pointed out that the main reasons Romania faces this situation are ‘of a sociological nature.’

‘I said that there are minority communities in Romania with certain community-accepted customs. These communities are socially fragile and it would be cheap sophistry, I said, to believe that this is why we have a large number of pregnant young women. I have actually defended these girls from certain socially fragile areas in Romania.’

The Romanian Patriarchate’s spokesman said that his message collides with the neo-Marxist ideology, which is ‘profoundly anti-Christian, and unfortunately has insidiously penetrated many public institutions.’

Photography: Agerpres

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