Romanian Patriarchate’s Basilica Media Centre celebrates 11th anniversary

Centrul de Presa Basilica - Basilica Media Centre

The Basilica Media Centre of the Romanian Patriarchate celebrated Monday its 11th anniversary of media ministry.

The Basilica Media Centre has two patronal feasts, namely the feast of the Holy Trinity aka the Day of the Holy Spirit, and the Feast of Saint Demetrius the New, Protector of Bucharest, celebrated on October 27.

The Basilica Media Centre was founded at the initiative and with the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel on October 27, 2007, and is comprised of five departments: Radio Trinitas, Trinitas TV, Lumina Publications, the Basilica News Agency and the Press and PR Office of the Romanian Patriarchate.

This year on June 16, the Basilica News Agency will celebrate its 10th anniversary of online ministry.

The Basilica Media Centre functions in accordance with the Statutes for the organization and the functioning of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The media institution is a non-profit-making sub-unit of the Patriarchal Administration.

As stated in the Statutes for the organization of the Basilica Media Centre, its main objectives are:

  • To cultivate an active relationship and a fruitful collaboration between clergy and lay believers, between the Church and society.
  • To present the institutions, activities and attitudes of the Romanian Orthodox Church, being open to dialogue and cooperation.
  • To cultivate Christian moral values, to promote cultural and educational activities in society, to support the development of local communities.
  • To raise public awareness on social-philanthropic and cultural-missionary projects.
  • To promote objectivity and the respecting of the principles of journalistic deontological ethics in reporting events, presenting people and institutions.
  • To establish partnerships with other media, culture, and education institutions at home and abroad.
  • To encourage the dialogue of Christian faith with philosophy, science, art, and other areas of manifestation of perennial values.


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