Romanian Patriarchate urges people to give blood

As a response to the report of several medical units and transfusion centres in Romania regarding a decrease in the number of donors during this period, the Romanian Patriarchate renews its appeal to the clergy and the faithful of the Romanian Orthodox Church to give blood.

At this time, there is an acute need for blood in many medical units because surgical interventions are postponed in hospitals due to this lack. Thus, those who want to help resolve this crisis are urged to go and give blood at the nearest blood transfusion centres.

The volunteers from the Chapel of the National Cathedral offer an example of special action in this regard. They go to donate blood to the blood transfusion centres in Bucharest every Wednesday morning.

The “Donate Blood, Save Life” campaign, initiated by the Romanian Patriarchate in 2013 and approved by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church, has so far mobilized over 25,000 donors, with around 12,000 liters of blood being harvested. Of course, this campaign continues, hoping to encourage more Romanians to be solidary with the sick.

Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchate

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