Romanian Patriarchate renews call for solidarity with Ukraine

The Romanian Patriarchate renews its call for solidarity with the Romanian Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and with all the victims of the ongoing conflict, spokesperson Vasile Bănescu said.

“Russia’s unjust war against Ukraine has escalated in the last few days, with consequences against the values of the democracy of European states, and it created the tragic conditions of a humanitarian catastrophe for hundreds of thousands of innocent people, mostly mothers and children,” spokesperson Bănescu said in a message to the Romanian media.

“In this context saturated with suffering, the Romanian Patriarchate renews the recent message of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel of natural solidarity with the Romanian Orthodox Christians in Ukraine, but also with all the innocent victims of this war so close to Romania, and urges all clergy and the laity to mobilise during this critical period and get involved in charitable donations, meant to bring real support and comfort to those now crushed by fear and helplessness,” Mr Vasile Bănescu noted.

The spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate also stressed that “the borderline situations we are going through also indicate our real degree of Christianization.”

“There are situations in which it is not the words, the speeches, but the silent gestures, the deeds of faith and mercy, of respect for otherness, of empathy with the suffering of the other that (re)make up our profound humanity from which Christ speaks to us.”

“Moral clarity, benevolent attention concretely directed to the other, the adequacy of our honest judgment to reality are duties of a spiritual nature. So let’s try to pay them as honourably as possible!” Mr Vasile Bănescu urged.

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