Patriarch Daniel calls for end to war in Ukraine, urges prayers for peace

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church has called for an end to the war in Ukraine and urged everyone to pray for peace.

In a message Thursday morning, Patriarch Daniel expressed his concern over the beginning of war in Ukraine and assured Romanians living in Ukraine to help them according to possibilities.

Patriarch Daniel’s call for an end to the war in Ukraine: full text

Like the other significant institutions in Romania and the European Union, the Romanian Orthodox Church has noted with the utmost concern the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a war launched by Russia against a sovereign and independent state.

In this way, we hope that the Euro-Atlantic political forces can find a way to a peaceful dialogue for the benefit of Ukraine and the whole of Europe.

At the same time, we express our full solidarity with the Romanian Orthodox Christians living in Ukraine and our willingness to help them according to our own possibilities.

We pray to the Merciful God, the Lord of peace, justice, and love, to protect the Ukrainian people and give all responsible political leaders peace-making wisdom.

† Daniel
Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

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