Romanian Patriarchate calls for faith, temperance, and solidarity in face of coronavirus

Given Romania’s state of emergency due to the new coronavirus epidemic, the Romanian Patriarchate calls for responsibility, temperance and solidarity.

The Romanian Patriarchate urges all priests of the Romanian Orthodox Church to implement with realism, lucidity and confidence the measures imposed by the state authorities, which temporarily affect the Church’s liturgical life.

These regulations aim to reduce and stop the current epidemic that all international medical authorities consider extremely serious.

In order to apply coherently and uniformly all the regulations that temporarily affect the liturgical life of the Church, the Romanian Patriarchate, in consultation with its dioceses, will elaborate periodically pastoral unitary guidance that will be applied throughout the Romanian Orthodox Church and transmit them to the clergy and the faithful.

Therefore, there is a strong need for consultation and cooperation in all the actions we carry out.

In this critical period, the following are essential and of high priority: prayer and responsibility for personal and social health, as well as the real help of those in need, protecting them by respecting the recommended social distance and by voluntary material help.

Let us go through this time of trial and suffering in prayer and good deeds, without panic and fear, with full trust in God and hope that springs forth from faith!

Let us pray daily to Christ our Saviour, individually in the Church or at home with the family, for all the sick, for their speedy recovery, for the doctors and for all those who actively help people, so that God may protect them and help us return as soon as possible to the normality of our social and religious life.

Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchate

Photography courtesy of / Raluca Ene

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