Romanian patriarch blesses carolers with Down Syndrome: “You have intensified the joy”

Patriarch Daniel received on Wednesday a group of young beneficiaries of Bucharest’s Down Plus Association. His Beatitude blessed the young people with Down Syndrome and told them they intensified the joy on the Patriarchate’s Hill.

“You sang very beautifully and conveyed joy, as the song said, especially since we are here in Bucharest, which means the City of Joy, and here, the Patriarchate Hill has been called the Hill of Joy in recent years,” the Patriarch told the carolers.

“You have intensified joy by being here and singing Christmas carols,” His Beatitude added, congratulating the Down Plus Bucharest Association for the activities with these young people.

Photo: / Mircea Florescu

“We wish you the feast of the Lord’s Nativity with lots of joy, help from God and blessing. May you be blessed and enjoy your beautiful chants and the friendship that you share. To many blessed years!” Patriarch Daniel wished them.

Although recent studies show that 99% of persons with Down Syndrome are happy with their lives, 92% of the unborn people diagnosed with this medical condition are aborted. The syndrome is caused by an additional chromosome in their genetic code.

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Photo credit: / Mircea Florescu

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