Romanian hierarchs visit fleeing Ukrainians at Romania border, refugee camps: Photos

Most Romanian dioceses carry out significant humanitarian action for Ukrainian refugees. In addition to coordinating activities, some Romanian hierarchs went personally to checkpoints or refugee camps to bless and encourage those fleeing the war.

Archbishop Calinic of Suceava and Radauti went to the Siret Customs on Friday to ensure that the extensive humanitarian action of the archdiocese was optimal.

The Romanian hierarchs from across the Prut River also stand together with the fleeing Ukrainians. On Saturday, Bishop Veniamin of Southern Bessarabia visited the Palanca refugee camp and customs office, providing food and other goods to refugees.

Bishop Visarion of Tulcea went to the Isaccea Customs on Monday evening, another crossing point through which thousands of Ukrainians enter Romania these days.

Bishop Igantie of Huși was in Albița Customs with the volunteers of the Huși Orthodox Philanthropy Association on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, Archbishop Casian of the Lower Danube went to the University Campus in Galați where Ukrainian refugees are housed. The archbishop encouraged the Ukrainians and offered flowers and martisoare to the ladies.

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