Romanian archdeacon teaches Byzantine music in London

Archdeacon Paul Loghin is teaching Byzantine music lessons in London at the Romanian Music School AB Music Academy.

“The Byzantine music course was born from the desire of lovers of this kind of music from Great Britain, especially those from London, and aims to initiate those interested in the secrets of Byzantine chanting by getting to know musical notation and studying tones,” representatives of AB Music Academy told the Basilica News Agency.

Archdeacon Paul Loghin said that this course is dedicated to all lovers of Byzantine music: children, young people, and adults. The Romanian cleric also noted that he intends to organize online courses for those who live far away from London and cannot physically attend classes.

He referred to the importance of Byzantine music and the purpose of the project.

“A true emblem of Byzantine art, Byzantine music is the music that finds the fastest way to the soul of the one who listens to it or sings it, because it is a type of music that expresses a heavenly, Christological beauty.”

“Through this course, from a missionary point of view, we want to contribute to the work of the Church, helping the Christian lover of Byzantine music to accumulate musical knowledge, master the stability and correct interpretation of church hymns, supporting and strengthening church singing and transmitting an impulse to the faithful to join in church hymns so that together they can offer prayers in one voice.”

Archdeacon Paul Loghin is a graduate of the Faculty of Theology “Saint Andrew the Apostle” in Constant, Romania, specializing in Church Music. For a while, he was chanter and deacon at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi.

He is currently a servant in the United Kingdom, within the Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of Western and Southern Europe.

AB Music Academy is the first Romanian music school in Great Britain. It was founded by two young musicians from Oradea, Andrada and Florin Pascu, who came to study 11 years ago and decided to settle in the capital of Great Britain. Since 2012, the year of its establishment, AB Music Academy has trained over 1500 students under the guidance of the 13 collaborating teachers.

Those interested can request details and can register at the phone number (+44) 020.874.97.218 or via email: [email protected]

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