Romania to restore WWII Heroes’ Cemetery in Mana, Orhei

Romania’s Ministry of National Defence has announced that they plan to restore the Romanian Honorary Cemetery in Mana, Orhei district, the Republic of Moldova.

The cemetery shelters the tombs of 16 Romanian soldiers who died on battlefields during World War II.

The Ministry added that they will take ‘all necessary steps to restore the tombs of the four Romanian heroes identified in the Orthodox cemetery in Baimaclia,’ a town in Causeni district.

On the occasion of the first mission that will be organized in the Republic of Moldova in order to carry out the restoration project of the Romanian Honorary Cemetery in Mana, Orhei District, specialists will consider the necessary types of works and the costs involved, as well as establishing contact with local authorities for necessary approvals, the Ministry noted in a letter sent to deputy Constantin Codreanu.

Photography: MApN

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