Romania President commemorates Ruler Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Iasi

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday, January 23, attended a memorial service for Alexandru Ioan Cuza, one of the founders of the 1859 Union of the Romanian Principalities who contributed to the modernization of Romanian society and of state structures.

The service was officiated by the local Metropolitan Teofan at the Three Holy Hierarchs Monastery in Iasi, where Cuza is entombed.

President Klaus Iohannis laying flowers at the tomb of Ruler Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza at the Three Holy Hierarchs Monastery in Iasi, on January 23, 2019. Photo: Doxologia

Following the commemoration, President Iohannis laid a wreath at Alexandru Ioan Cuza’s tomb marking the 160th anniversary of the Union of the Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia, which took place under Cuza’s rule.

On January 24, 1859, as a result of the wish of the Romanian people, and in a favourable international context, the political unification of the then two Romanian principalities — Wallachia, today a southern region, and Moldavia, today’s eastern region, was achieved under the ruler elect Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

Every year, Romanians celebrate the Principalities’ Union Day as a highly important event in the country’s history, which opened the way to the modernization of the Romanian state and society.

Photography courtesy of Doxologia

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