Romania Patriarch laments ‘cruelest expression of dehumanizing violence’ of Sri Lanka attack

The Patriarch of Romania denounced the ‘cruelest expression of dehumanizing violence and alienation from God’ of the Sunday slaughter of Christians and foreigners in Sri Lanka as Catholics celebrate Easter by lamenting the bloodshed and violence afflicting the world.

‘We received with deep sorrow the news about the devastating attacks in Sri Lanka, a tragedy that killed 185 innocent people and injured 469 other people,’ the patriarch said in his message.

‘These attacks that took place in churches and other buildings, on the day when Catholic communities celebrate Easter, represent the cruelest expression of dehumanizing violence and alienation from God.’

Noting with deep concern that ‘more and more Christians in the world become victims of terror attacks’, Patriarch Daniel condemns ‘these attacks stemming from hatred and violence’.

‘At the same time, we must pray for the cessation of these acts of violence and fight for their prevention.’

Finally, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church expressed his sympathy and solidarity with all those who suffer following these terrorist attacks.

Photo: ABC News

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