Rev. Constantin Necula on Romania’s National Cathedral: ‘It will change the life of those who constantly seek God’

The National Cathedral ‘includes in itself all our defeats and humiliations over the last 100 years. It rises as a victory. It will change only the life of those who constantly seek God with the persistence of the soldiers who know they are defending their family and nation.’

‘For the others who are more superficial, it’s not the case to change themselves or to find God. This is only the pretext for their ridicule, not their spiritual inner fire urging them to be thirsty for heaven. The Cathedral is the country,’ Fr Constantin Necula said in an interview with Agerpres.

In his interview, Fr Necula cautioned that ‘we are Romania tired with obsessions,’ and recommended to celebrate the 1918 Great Union Centennial ‘with fasting and liturgy.’

Photo: Archive

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