Renowned Putna Monastery to have a replica church on the site of St Stephen the Great’s most significant victory

Vaslui’s County Council continues developing the “Stephen the Great” Ensemble at Băcăoani, Muntenii de Jos commune.

At the suggestion of His Grace Bishop Ignatie of Husi, a church will be built nearby, replicating the architectural style of the main church of the renowned Putna Monastery, where the remains of the holy ruler prince Stephen the Great of Moldavia are kept.

The County Council will also set up a medieval village that looks like a rural settlement in the 15th century.

“We are nearing the completion of Muntenii de Jos site, dedicated to the prominent ruler Stephen the Great. But, of course, this is a project with European funding on cross-border cooperation,” the president of Vaslui’s County Council, Dumitru Buzatu, explained.

“We are also considering developing the other side with an amusement park, where those who come to visit the site, the exhibition space, can spend their free time, stay with their children, and relax.”

The Băcăoani monument is located near Podul Inalt, the location of St. Stephen the Great’s most major victory (High Bridge). The equestrian monument of St. Stephen the Great is roughly 12 kilometres south of Vaslui. It is 6.9 metres tall, weighs 19 tonnes, and rests atop a marble pedestal 8 metres tall.

The monumental ensemble at Băcăoani, Muntenii de Jos commune, Vaslui county. Photo: Stefana Coropcianu

The monument was unveiled in 1975, on the 500th anniversary of St Stephen’s victory against the Ottomans (January 10, 1475).

The statue was made by the sculptor Mircea Ștefănescu. The artist received the “Ion Andreescu” Romanian Academy Award for his monument.

On either side of the stairs is a bronze bas-relief with historical scenes made by the sculptor Iftimie Bârleanu.

The equestrian statue of St. Stephen the Great at Podul Inalt. Photo: Facebook / Bujoreni Monastery

Historians believe that the most significant defeat in the military history of Islam took place at the High Bridge. “Never have the Turkish armies suffered such a great disaster,” wrote the mother of Sultan Mohammed II. The Romanians then fought an army three times larger, of 120,000 people.

The most vibrant tribute to the holy ruler price after this victory was formulated by the Polish chronicler Jan Długosz: “In my opinion, he is the most worthy of being entrusted with the leadership and rule of the world and especially the position of commander and leader against the Turks, with the common counsel, the understanding and determination of Christians.”

One of the restoration projects of the ensemble at Băcăoani is entitled “In the footsteps of Stephen the Great”. The value of the project is 1,651,344 euros, of which 1,476,597 euros are non-refundable.

Photography courtesy of Vaslui County Council

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