Re-consecration of the Annunciation – Bellu Church. Patriarch Daniel: The Church is the space of our healing

Reconsecration of the Annunciation-Bellu Church

His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, assisted Sunday at the Divine Liturgy celebrated by His Grace Bishop Timotei of Prahova at the Annunciation-Bellu Church in Bucharest.

Before the Divine Liturgy, Bishop Timotei performed the office of re-consecration of the church, following the recent restoration and consolidation works.

In his speech delivered May 7, the Patriarch of Romania offered his reflections on the Sunday gospel reading. His Beatitude referred to the Paralytic mentioned in the Gospel saying that he suffered both from bodily disease and from loneliness.

This man, the patriarch said, was not living in a desert. He was alone although he lived among many people. The souls of the many people there were deserted by the lack of love and help.

The patriarch drew attention to the selfishness manifested towards one’s own family and friends saying that everyone cared for their personal patient and as soon as their patient was healed, they went home without thinking of helping others.

In the moment when there was no one left in the crows to help the paralytic, the God-Man Himself approached him to repay his hope, his suffering and his repentance, the patriarch explained.

Patriarch Daniel went on to reflect on the virtues acquired by the paralytic man. We have so many to learn from this man who was suffering for thirty-eight years and who turned his suffering into repentance.

Quoting Saint John Chrysostom, His Beatitude said that the paralytic manifested patience without grumbling and suffering without condemnation. He never reproached anything to anyone; he did not rebel against God and did not judge his peers.

Gratitude is added to his virtuous patience, the patriarch said, since after his healing the paralytic hurried to the temple to thank God. Moreover, his gratitude for being healed was strengthened by witnessing Jesus as the Man through Whom God’s healing power is enabled.

Patriarch Daniel recalled that the Church is the space of our healing, and the Holy Sacraments are administered for the forgiveness of sins, for eternal life, and to the healing of soul and body.

He closed his speech by appreciating the extensive restoration works carried out at the Annunciation Church.


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