Priest in Romanian village converts bus into a mobile library for children

The town of Văleni in Braşov County will open a mobile library soon. The initiative belongs to the local parish priest, Father Claudiu Popa.

The priest wanted to ​​help children he pastors by turning a bus into a mobile library, calling it a bibliobus.

“One day, I realized that I had many books, both from my library and from donations, which I wanted to capitalize on by exhibiting them in a parish hall. But it had a different destination, and I had to find another space for them. That’s how I came up with the idea of a bibliobus,” the priest explained.

He found the bus in Brasov with the help of benevolent people. “The cost of the bus was covered in part by my own revenues, but also by sponsorships. As a result, it has already arrived in our village, faster than we intended, which makes us very happy.”

“We intend to make small changes to the interior, such as: creating shelves, cabinets for storing teaching materials, a pleasant environment by facilitating heating, lighting and painting or decorations,” the priest noted.

“In this project, small activities will be carried out to support and strengthen the child’s personality and the development of multiple intelligences through reading hours, free discussions, creation of handicrafts – bracelets, event-specific decorations – logical-mathematical games, puzzles and others.”

“We want to support the socialization of children through acceptance, kindness, respect, trust and the removal of temptations from the virtual space – to sit too long in front of phones, televisions or computers,” Father Claudiu Popa said.

The bus is 12 meters long and needs to be refurbished.

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