Presbytera Narcisa Cădă recommends Christian literature: “Children will be richer in their love for others”

“If we want to have children close to Christ and the Church, if we want children to find peace in the tumult of today’s life, but also models of Christ-like living, we recommend parents to guide their children to Christian literature,” Presbytera Narcisa Cădă said in the context of International Children’s Book Day.

“In addition to a developed vocabulary, increased empathy, thirst for knowledge, brain training, all acquired after reading, children will also be richer in their love for others, and spiritual nourishment, but also in the desire to grow spiritually towards the acquisition of eternal life.”

Presbytera Narcisa Cădă has vast experience in youth and young adult ministry. She is currently the coordinating editor of the Children and Youth Book Department at the Romanian Patriarchate’s Publishing Houses. Also, she is the mother of four children.

“By their nature, children are little explorers, eager to know and experience everything around them. Being at the beginning of the road, they need models, help in the process of knowledge, so that it can be soul-building, guiding in life,” Narcisa Câdă noted.

She explained that “an important support in finding models is the reading they come into contact with every day, either voluntarily, through the books they choose to read, or involuntarily, through the recommended books.”

She urges parents to make a responsible selection of books and recommends Christian reading that helps children develop.

At the end of last year, Narcisa Câdă received, together with the editorial team, distinctions from Patriarch Daniel as a sign of appreciation for the work carried out in promoting and sustaining Christian values.

Photo: Mihnea Păduraru / Lumina Newspaper

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