Patriarch of Romania Present at the Reception Organised by the Presidential Administration on Europe’s Day

Monday, 9 May 2016, His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania attended the reception organised by the Presidency of Romania, on the occasion of Europe’s Day.

After listening to the Europe’s and Romanian’s anthems, Mr Klaus Werner Iohannis delivered a speech. The President of Romania underlined the dangers or challenges the European Union is faced with today.

“Whenever we speak of the dangers or challenges the Union is faced with, the first temptation is to think rather of external phenomena with internal consequences. It is with good reason that we speak here about security in the South and East of Europe, about the situation in Ukraine, of the millions of people from conflicting zones who are trying to take refuge on our continent, and of the exploitation of this phenomenon by the Eurosceptic forces, of terrorism, and of the danger of racism, extremism and anti-Semitism. Beyond these visible phenomena, I personally think that the dangers threatening the European project are distrust, resignation, scepticism and lack of solidarity. When we succeed in removing these interior dangers we shall be able to better deal with the external ones”, the President of Romania underlined.

Representatives of the religious denominations of our country, former state leaders Ion Iliescu, Emil Constantinescu, Traian Băsescu, the Prime Minister of Romania, as well as representatives of the central authorities and other personalities attended the event.

On 9 May 1950, the French Minister of External Affairs of the time, Robert Schuman, proposed to create a super-national structure able to provide stability and peace in the post war Europe, as well as economic prosperity. Thus, the European Community of Coal and Steel was created, a structure which gradually changed into what the European Union is today. Romania has been a European Union member since 2007.

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