Patriarch of Romania calls for end to Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Holy Land

Patriarch Daniel on Wednesday called for an end to clashes in the Holy Land.

Stating that any prolonged armed conflict causes much suffering to the innocent, the Patriarch of Romania said that the Romanian Orthodox church is praying for the restoration of peace in Israel.

The Romanian Patriarch noted that peace, dialogue and reconciliation are the way of overcoming conflicts.

Patriarch Daniel’s call for end Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Holy Land: full text

In the disquieting context created by the escalation of serious armed violence that is currently taking place in the Israeli-Palestinian area – military hostilities that have already led to the death of many civilians, including many children – the Romanian Patriarchate prays to God to end the conflict and restore peace in the Holy Land.

Any prolonged armed conflict, fuelled by hatred and resentment, causes much suffering to the innocent and profound wounds in all domains of social life.

Although they seem very difficult to achieve, peace, dialogue and reconciliation remain the most just and dignified way to overcome conflicts between peoples and nations.

We call for an end to violence and the restoration of inter-ethnic and religious peace in the Holy Land, hoping to resume safe visits for all pilgrims wishing to pray in the “City of Peace” – Jerusalem and throughout the Holy Land.

We pray to God to give political decision-makers the wisdom of peacemakers, defenders of human life.

† Daniel

Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

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