Patriarch of Romania attends reception by Presidential Administration, on National Day of Romania

His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania, attended Thursday, 1 December 2016, the reception organised at Cotroceni Palace by the Presidency of Romania, on the National Day of Romania.

The Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis delivered a speech stressing that the Great Union Day represents an urge for unity, solidarity and national pride.

Today we celebrate the National Day of Romania, being thankful for the sacrifice and wisdom of our ancestors, who made Great Romania possible, but also having confidence and hope in the future we choose as a nation to build, in accordance with the values of democracy and liberty. As always, the Great Union Day is an urge for unity, solidarity and national pride. December 1st reminds us every year that this nation has the force to fulfil its greater ideals, even despite the most adverse historical circumstances.

The Romanian President also pointed out that national values are the fundament of the modern Romanian state.

Representatives of religious denominations in Romania, former presidents of Romania, the Prime Minister of Romania, representatives of central authorities and other personalities attended the event.


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