Patriarch of Romania addresses theology graduates: ‘Every one of you is a missionary’

The Patriarch of Romania on Monday met with three hundred graduate students of the ‘Patriarch Justinian’ Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest and reminded that every one of them is a missionary.

The students took the Oath of Fidelity at the Patriarch Teoctist Aula of the Patriarchal Palace in the presence of Patriarch Daniel and their professors.

The ceremony marked the conclusion of the bachelor and master studies.

During the meeting, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel addressed the theologians stressing the responsibility they have in society.

Irrespective of their specialization, young people have the duty to convey to the world ‘the love of Christ for humans and the joy of not being alone in this world, nor in the other.’

‘We are happy to have young people who are industrious and pious, and we hope that they will be for us not only a joy, but also lights. They will shine like lights because the world needs spiritual guidance,’ Patriarch Daniel said June 24.

Rev. Ioan Moldoveanu, dean at the Bucharest Faculty of Orthodox Theology, said that taking the Oath of Fidelity is the beginning of their mission to the world.

On behalf of the students, Cristian Necula said that the study period was their affirmative answer to God’s calling.

‘This response makes us responsible as theology students to bring hope where there is despondency, love where there is hatred, and dignity where spiritual values are denigrated.’

The Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest was opened on November 12, 1881.

Photography courtesy of / Mircea Florescu

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