Patriarch Daniel’s Christmas Message: Let us answer to God’s love with material and spiritual gifts

The feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ or Christmas indicates God’s humble and merciful love for humankind. The Son of the eternal God becomes a Man to grant eternal life to humans.

Saint John the Evangelist tells us that God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. The Birth of the Baby Jesus, the eternal Son of God, as a Man from the Holy Spirit and Virgin Mary shows us God’s fatherly love for all humans.

The Baby Jesus or God the Child shows us God’s blessing for all the parents and children. The Son of God Who became a Man for the salvation of all men is God’s gift for humankind.
That is why, the Magi from the East or the wise men bring gifts to Him, and through this they urge us humans to answer to God’s love with gifts, both material and spiritual gifts. Thus, Christmas is the feast of the gifts joyfully offered and joyfully received to cultivate goodwill among men.

This year, on the 30th anniversary of the Romanian Revolution, we particularly remember all heroes who sacrificed themselves in December 1989 for the freedom and dignity of the Romanian people.

On the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the New Year 2020, and the Theophany of the Lord, we convey sincere wishes of good health and gladness, peace and joy unto many and blessed years to all Romanians from home and abroad.

† Daniel
Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Photo credit: Florescu
Video: Trinitas TV

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