Patriarch Daniel: Romanian Gendarmerie contributes to the promotion of love for our homeland and nation

Thursday His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel attended the Romanian Gendarmerie Military Council meeting held at the Aula Magna of the Patriarchal Palace in Bucharest, saying that the Gendarmerie contributes to the promotion of love for our homeland and nation. The patriarch also pointed to the good cooperation between the Church and the Gendarmerie.

“We greatly appreciate the cooperation between the Romanian Gendarmerie and the Church at national and local level, as well as in humanitarian actions, such as the blood donation campaign – Donate blood! Save a life! – supported by the Romanian Patriarchate. Once again, this confirms that Romanian gendarmes serve the people, the citizens, regardless of the circumstance, bringing hope or joy to those who are in suffering or sickness”, the patriarch said.

Colonel Sebastian Cucos, General inspector of the Romanian Gendarmerie, gave the opening speech noting that the need for public order implies responsibility and expectations on behalf of citizens.

The need for security and public order is being claimed more and more. Citizens are increasingly demanding with the Gendarmerie and the entire public order system. Their expectations include personal security and the response to anti-social phenomena that hinder the development of communities, Col. Sebastian Cucos said.

In his speech, Deputy Dorel Caprar, Chairman of the Defense, Public Order and National Security Committee of the Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies, assured the representatives of the Romanian Gendarmerie of his openness and support. At the same time, he thanked them for their good collaboration.

In turn, Interior Minister Carmen Dan said she understands the difficulty of the missions performed by the Romanian Gendarmerie. She also appreciated the diplomacy showed by gendarmes in the various circumstances they encounter.

At the end, Patriarch Daniel was presented with an insignia plaque of the Romanian Gendarmerie.

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