Patriarch Daniel opens ‘The Portrait of the Romanian Village’ Photo Exhibition in Bucharest

The opening ceremony of the first photography exhibition organized by the Basilica News Agency took place on Wednesday at the Patriarchate’s Palace in Bucharest as part of the Agency’s initiative to promote the beauty of villages in Romania.

The 50-photo exhibition, titled ‘The Portrait of the Romanian Village’, is a project carried out by the Basilica News Agency marking the Solemn Year of the Romanian Village.

Brief opening remarks were offered by the director of the Basilica News Agency, Aurelian Iftimiu, who stressed that this is the first initiative of the organization ‘aiming to bring the values and traditions of the Romanian villages up to date.’

Basilica’s director expressed his thankfulness to the Patriarch of Romania who blessed and supported this project, also addressing thanks to the photographers and all partners who made the event possible.

Avoid two extremes: idealizing the village and ignoring its current reality

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel noted that the photos are displayed ‘not just to impress us emotionally, even unto tears, but to determine us to take action in favour of the village.’

‘Otherwise, we describe it beautifully and our praise becomes some kind of a memorial service of the Romanian village. But we need its revival,’ His Beatitude said Feb. 27.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel spoke about the need to help improve the current situation of the villages in Romania during the opening ceremony of the first photo exhibition organized by the Basilica News Agency, February 27, 2019. ©

The Patriarch of Romania pointed to the problems faced by people in rural areas stressing that when addressing the topic of the Romanian village it is important to avoid two extremes: ‘idealizing the village and ignoring its current reality’.

His Beatitude appreciated Basilica’s initiative noting that this is ‘only the first step’ that must be completed with other exhibitions on various concrete themes that will highlight both suffering and joy, as well as the beauty of life in the village.

The Patriarch added that ‘we should capture not only poverty, but also the prosperity of some villages’, such as ‘the beautiful villages’ in Bukovina, Maramures or Rucar-Bran.

Attendees included the Basilica News Agency’s photographers Raluca Ene and Mircea Florescu, as well as the members of the Standing National Church Council.

Finally, Patriarch Daniel offered the photographers a Centennial edition of the New Testament with Psalms, a pocket volume of His Beatitude’s quotes that will in Romanian that will soon be published in English, and a trinket (martisor).

The Portrait of the Romanian Village

The Portrait of the Romanian Village Photo Exhibition is an exhibition for city people honouring the villages of Romania.

The works of the 14 photographers who participated in this exhibit will be on display at the Patriarchate’s Palace until March 9, 2019.

The surnamed photographer of the Romanian Village, Sorin Onisor, and a well-known National Geographic collaborator Mioara Chiparus have accepted the invitation of the team to highlight the beauty of the Romanian village.

Other pictures are signed by Andreea Acatrinei, Gina Buliga, Mirela Dragita, Daniel Ghindea, Daniel Mandache, Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Silviu Florin Salomia, Ionut Tanciu and Madalina Ursu.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel visiting the photo exhibition organized by the Basilica News Agency, February 27, 2019. ©

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Photography courtesy of / Raluca Ene

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