Patriarch Daniel hands over holy relics of St Seraphim to rector of St Nicholas Church in Bucharest

During a ceremony at the patriarchal residence on Thursday, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel handed over the reliquary containing a particle of the holy relics of Saint Seraphim of Sarov to Rev. Eugeniu Rogoti, rector of St Nicholas – Tabacu Church in Bucharest.

Last week, His Beatitude Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, visited Romania and brought a particle of St Seraphim’s holy relics to be offered to the Russian Orthodox community in Bucharest, hosted by St Nicholas Tabacu parish.

Saint Seraphim is ‘much loved in Romania and in Russia’ as the Russian Patriarch said. He is one of the most well-known wonderworking Orthodox saints, celebrated by the Church on January 2 and on July 19, the day when his relics were found.

During the ceremony, Patriarch Daniel pointed to the fact that this year’s celebrations dedicated to St Demetrius the New have been embellished by the presence of St Seraphim’s relics in Bucharest.

‘It has been a great joy. We felt the peace and harmony that St Seraphim gave to the pilgrims who were visiting his cell during his life and which after his passing away to the Lord is given to the Orthodox faithful that honour him and ask for his help’, His Beatitude said.

The Patriarch recalled the fact that Bucharest’s Russian Orthodox community requested a particle of St Seraphim’s holy relics in 2012.

Patriarch Daniel presented the rector of St Nicholas parish with a Diploma on the Commemorative Year of Patriarch Justinian and of the defenders of Orthodoxy during communism.

The patriarch also announced that the next Sunday, His Grace Bishop Varlaam of Ploiesti, secretary of the Holy Synod, would celebrate the Divine Liturgy at St Nicholas Parish to mark the reception of St Seraphim’s holy relics.

At the end of the ceremony, the Tronos Byzantine Music Choir of the Patriarchal Cathedral, conducted by Archdeacon Mihail Buca, chanted St Seraphim’s troparion.

Members of the Standing National Church Council and of the Archdiocesan Council attended the event.

Photos by Mihnea Păduraru/ZL

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