Patriarch Daniel: Epiphany Holy Water frees us from passions, evil spirits, and difficult situations

“Epiphany Holy Water is a cleanser of spiritual and bodily sins, a sanctifier of the soul and body, but also of the space in which the Christian lives. It is a deliverer from evil passions, evil spirits and difficult situations,” Patriarch Daniel said on Epiphany Day.

Therefore, Christians take this holy water on an empty stomach, for eight days after the Baptism of the Lord; they bless with it the houses, the gardens, the fountains.

“It is taken, with the blessing of the spiritual father, even when people are suffering from a serious illness or when they cannot receive Communion but are given this consolation to receive the Epiphany Holy Water.”

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel noted that Epiphany Holy Water is also used to sanctify the things used in the altar: Antemission, Holy Vessels, vestments, but also to bless bells and other objects of worship.

The Patriarch pointed out that together with the celebration of the Lord’s Baptism, we also remember our personal baptism, because then ” have clothed ourselves with Christ” (Galatians 3:27).

“The Baptism of the Lord in the Jordan, when the Holy Trinity was revealed, is the foundation of our baptism in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” Patriarch Daniel said January 6.

To avoid crowding at the barrels that were commonly used, the Patriarch officiated the great blessing of waters on the Eve of the Epiphany. Thousands of Holy Water bottles were prepared and distributed to the faithful in the early hours on Wednesday morning.

At the end of the Epiphany service, the Great Blessing of Waters was celebrated again for only one vessel. This water was used only to bless the faithful by sprinkling.

“Please do not crowd (…) so that it is not said that here at the church we got sick because we did not keep the sanitary distance,” the Patriarch urged the faithful.

“We wish you all that this great and holy feast of the Lord’s Baptism be a blessing to you, to your families, to your homes, and to all your activities.”

“Let us pray to God to give us good health, to protect us from disease and trouble, and especially to deliver us from this pandemic that has grieved the whole world.”

“In this time of pandemic, let us pray to God to be wise, and thank Him for the gift of life and health, but also to protect the health of those around us,” said Patriarch Daniel ending his speech.

Photography courtesy of / Raluca Ene

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