Patriarch Daniel says children are God’s gifts for family, Church, and society in Children’s Day Message 2018

Patriarch Daniel in this year’s Children’s Day message said that children are God’s gifts for the family, the Church, and society.

The Romanian Patriarch reflected on the importance of family education for children, calling for ‘generous love and responsibility’ on behalf of parents.

‘Children born in the family and baptized in the Church in the name of the All Holy Trinity may become citizens of the eternal Heavenly Kingdom if in their earthly life they have cultivated the spiritual gifts received at Holy Baptism as shown by the families who gave the Church more saints included in the liturgical calendar.’

His Beatitude noted that ‘all children and young people rejoice when they are loved by God and their fellows.’

‘When young Orthodox Christians carry in their souls the love, peace and joy they received from Christ, they become witnesses to His love and missionaries in relation to other young people, especially by helping those in difficulty,’ the Patriarch stressed.

Patriarch Daniel urged all parents ‘to spend more time with their children, to help them protect their health and native gifts, to cultivate the freedom to do good and to offer joy to those around them.’

Turning to children, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church urged them ‘to love their parents more and to pray for them’ in sign of respect.

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