Patriarch Daniel attends conference dedicated to Romania’s 1918 Great Union at Romanian Athenaeum

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel attended Tuesday, September 18, the international conference entitled ‘Romania and the historic events between 1914 and 1920. The fulfilment of the Great Union and the Unification of Romania’, organized by the Romanian Academy at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest.

Great historians and cultural figures from Europe and the United States attended the conference.

Speakers included Ioan Aurel Pop, president of the Romanian Academy, Prof. Michael Metzeltin, member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Sorbona University Professor Jean-Paul Bled, Rome University Professor Francesco Guida, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz Professor Hans Christian Maner and other.

His Excellency the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis sent a message for this event that was read out by his presidential adviser Sergiu Nistor.

The cultural manifestation was one of the major events included in the Centennial Program of the Romanian Academy and aimed at the scientific approach, from multiple perspectives and with a high degree of objectivity, to the theme of the Unification of Romania 100 years ago.

The lectures presented the conditions for the edification of the Greater Romania in the context of the forming of the nation-states in the South-East and the Center of Europe, the national and state realities before, during and after the end of the First World War.

Furthermore, the role of the army and the sacrifice of each nation were highlighted, as well as the consequences of Europe’s reconfiguration.

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