Patriarch Daniel addresses the monastics of Sihăstria Putnei: ‘Convey the beauties of Orthodoxy through your prayers, your services, and by welcoming pilgrims’

Patriarhul Daniel Sihăstria Putnei Monastery (2017)

The Patriarch of Romania visited Saturday evening the Sihăstria Putnei Monastery (Hermitage of Putna).

Accompanied by several hierarchs of the Romanian Church, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel was welcomed by the abbot of the monastery, the V. Rev. Archimandrite Nectarie Clinci, in the presence of the monastics and many faithful.

A Te Deum service was officiated at the new church of the monastery, dedicated to the Feast of the Life-Giving Spring of the Mother of God.

His Beatitude delivered a speech in which he appreciated the beauty of the new church that was built with prayer, wisdom, and much self-offering.

The patriarch made reference to the church painting comparing it with the renowned Voroneț, Sucevița and Moldovița monasteries. This painting represents a source of joy and an opportunity to affirm the presence of the Most Holy Trinity and of the saints in the Church, he said.

Addressing the monastics, Patriarch Daniel urged them to convey the beauties of Orthodoxy through prayer, through divine services and by welcoming pilgrims. Quoting Elder Cleopas, the Patriarch noted that monastics are doing mission among people by welcoming pilgrims, by listening to them and by conveying the joy and light of Christ’s Resurrection.

After visiting the old church of the monastery, Patriarch Daniel officiated a memorial service for Fr. Sebastian Șcheuleac, the first hegumen of the Monastery after its re-establishment (1990).



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