Patriarch Daniel addresses pilgrims: The communion of Saints is a source of Romanian unity in thought and feeling

In his address to the pilgrims gathered Thursday, October 25, at the beginning of the celebrations of St Demetrius the New, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel noted that this year the holy relics of ‘two protectors of our capital’ are present, and that the communion of Saints is ‘a source of Romanian unity in thought and feeling.’

The Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church spoke to the believers after welcoming the relics of the two Patron Saints of Bucharest which were earlier carried in procession on the streets of the capital city.

His Beatitude referred to the ‘luminous countenance of Saint Callinicus of Cernica,’ who ‘remained in the people’s piety as one of the wisest Romanian shepherds of the 19th century.’

‘Being a shepherd and a fervent intercessor, a wonderworker and healer, a wise spiritual director and a merciful father, Saint Callinicus was at the same time a learned man, a good organizer, a talented church builder,’ His Beatitude said.

Ending his speech, Patriarch Daniel noted that ‘a profound and complete celebration of the Great Union Centennial can only be achieved through common prayer, spiritual joy and peace, since all these are gifts that God pours out upon us.’


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