Pastoral and Missionary Conference in Bucharest. Patriarch Daniel: The life of St Anthimos the Ivirite was a permanent sacrifice of labour and diligence in serving Christ’s Church

Patriarhul Daniel la Conferinţa pastorală Misionară a preoţilor din Bucureşti şi Ilfov

Priests from Bucharest and Ilfov County participated Monday, 7 November 2016, at the autumn session of the pastoral and missionary Conference entitled 2016 – Commemorative Year of Hieromartyr St Anthimos the Ivirite and of the Church typographers. The event took place in the Patriarch Teoctist Aula of the Patriarchal Palace. His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, chaired the meeting.

The Patriarch of Romania opened the works of the Conference. In his speech, His Beatitude addressed the clerics, stressing out how the printing activity contributed to the life of the Church.

Thanks to his fruitful printing activity, our Church was endowed with the main worship books in Romanian language.

Together with the Holy Ruler Prince Constantine Brâncoveanu, Saint Anthimos attempted to refute Catholic proselytism among Romanians in Transylvania, striving to strengthen the faith by providing authentic Orthodox books.

His Beatitude urged the ministrants of the Church to continue their cultural activities in parishes, thus resembling the church typographers.

Furthermore, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel referred to the exquisite personality of Saint Hieromartyr Anthimos the Ivirite.

Hieromartyr Saint Anthimos the Ivirite is considered the most important Metropolitan of Wallachia in all its history. Through his pastoral, printing and preaching activities, Saint Anthimos was a true good shepherd who laid his life down for his faithful. His life was a permanent sacrifice of labour and diligence in serving Christ’s Church and illumining the faithful.

Sessions of the pastoral and missionary conference were also held in Ploieşti on November 9, and in Vălenii de Munte on November 10.




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