Orthodox youth from around the world to meet this year in Poland

Orthodox youth from around the world will meet this year in Wrocław, Poland, between July 18 and 23.

The Wrocław 2022 meeting is hosted by the Orthodox Church of Poland and the Fellowship of Orthodox Youth in Poland, with the blessing of His Beatitude Metropolitan Sawa.

The event is inspired by the exhortation “…go and bear fruit” (John 15:16) and is organized by an international youth workers group coordinated by Archdeacon Joseph Matusiak.

The aim of the festival is to bring together dedicated youth workers and young adults from Orthodox churches worldwide to experience the unity and universality of the One Holy Church and to stimulate each other in the field of youth ministry.

The Wrocław 2022 youth gathering is open for Orthodox youth aged 16 to 30. Those involved in Orthodox youth mission work benefit of priority, according to the organizers.

With the help of speeches, workshops and various other projects, Wrocław 2022 will put into practice the Biblical exhortation “…go and bear fruit”.

Prayer shall be at the heart of the Wrocław 2022 events. Each day shall start with morning prayers and a homily on the Scripture Reading of the day.

The days are to end with the Evening Prayers and the clerics will be available for the Holy Confession. The Divine Liturgy is scheduled to be officiated twice during the event: at the “Nativity of the Mother of God” Cathedral in Wrocław and at the final meeting place of the last evening in the programme.

Romania is represented at the meeting by the Association of Romanian Christian Orthodox Students (ASCOR). The announcement was made in November 2021 by the ASCOR National Council gathered in Alba Iulia, Romania.

Orthodox youth who wish to participate in the Wrocław 2022 gathering can register here.

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