‘Only humbleness opens the portals of divine compassion’, Patriarch Daniel says

Patriarch Daniel - Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee

In his Sunday homily, the Patriarch of Romania focused on the role humbleness and humble prayer have in acquiring salvation. He said that humbleness makes man sincere and grateful since in a humble state man observes God, the One Who helps him perform good.

A humble man, the Patriarch said, is illuminated through sincere and persevering prayer. His soul is filled with the love and grace of the compassionate and humble God. Only humbleness opens the portals of divine compassion, which leads to forgiveness of sins, His Beatitude stressed. No one can acquire salvation without humbleness, the Patriarch said Feb. 5.

Addressing the faithful from the St Gregory the Enlightener Chapel of the Patriarchal Residence, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel said that humble prayer saves and sanctifies because it fills us with God’s presence and heals the soul from the wounds of selfish passions. The Patriarch said that this type of prayer is the foundation of life and of genuine spiritual love.

Patriarch Daniel went on to say that God prefers a humble sinner to a proud righteous man. However, this does not mean that God’s preference for the meekness of the Publican represents an approbation for his sins nor does God ignore the good deeds of the Pharisee.

During the homily, the Patriarch referred to Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee as a starting point for Triodion, a period for more fervent prayer.

His Beatitude concluded his address by asking the help of God for everyone so that the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee be a solid start for humble prayer. The Patriarch urged the faithful to offer prayers for the entire world.

Photo credit: Lumina Newspaper

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